Engaging the World Within to Change your World Without

Welcome to the Conscious Education Coach website.

This is the place where hearts and minds connect for extraordinary learning and transformation.

“The seeds you consciously plant from your hearts truest desires, becomes the reality of your minds perception.”

Your perception of your life determines its quality and ultimately, your reality. This inner understanding of the nature of consciousness spearheads your life forward towards the path of least resistance; your immeasurable, bountiful potential.

Uniquely You

There is only one you. And you were born for a reason. You may or may not know exactly what you need to do, but there is this ‘thing’ that keeps nagging at you to change for the better. It’s an intrinsic feeling that won’t go away.

You are here because you are ready to listen and take action.


Does any of the following sound familiar?

  • you are experiencing challenges staying motivated or committed to your goals.
  • self-sabotage is blocking your progress and the ability to stand up for yourself.
  • you are feeling alone, frustrated and unappreciated in your current relationship or you keep attracting the wrong partners over and over.
  • your confidence is buried under layers of insecurities cramping the necessary adjustments you know you need to make to improve your life.
  • your habits, thoughts or emotions are not supporting you and you really want to move forward, stop repeating old patterns and leave the past behind.
  • you are ready to take the next steps to further your education, change your career or discover your true purpose but need help navigating the waters to find the right pathway or opportunity that makes sense for you at this time in your life.
  • your health is not where it should be, your body not as vibrant or energized as you want it to feel.
  • your lifestyle habits don’t support your vitality and your health is compromised in some way as a result.
  • Or finally, perhaps deep down, you know are a meant to be a self-inspired Change Maker yearning to receive more than enough support to not only find your unique place in the world but to consciously make your mark on this planet at this crucial time in history.

You have come to the right place my friend.
I am here to support you.