The Power of Creativity & Consciousness

How Beading lead to my next Business Move

Do you know why beading pushed me further along my entrepreneurial journey towards my destined path?


It was ‘revealed to me’ in the middle of feeling uncertain about what to do next.


I was at a standstill after years of studying what seemed to be one thing after an another – all related to starting a social enterprise and yet, I was silently ‘trying’ to consciously healing my body, mind and soul. After a while, my body & mind had a breakdown, my soul cowered in a corner and then I actually gave up.  I let go.
I released everything to the Universe, to Source, to Infinite Intelligence. I released all that ‘trying’ and humbled up.
All of a sudden, I was faced with many choices and I didn’t know where to begin…
I wrote this article in a moment of inspiration. I discovered something that might resonate with you. At the very least my words might give you something to ponder, especially if you are also “working on something” in your life right now
be it a new business, career or educational pursuit.
Perhaps you’re not sure what your next move will be either.
This may help you.

The Background

In the middle of pursing various self-directed educational pursuits over the last 7 years to build and launch my “business”,  it dawned on me one day that none of the programs or courses I participated in made me feel any closer to having a clear vision of what my business actual was. In actuality, I think I was more confused than ever, not to mention disillusioned.  I was sick of it all, especially myself and it was at this moment that I decided to take a break, let go and take some creative classes to simply relax, have fun and get out of my head.
These classes ended up catapulting me forward towards my destined path more than any formal business training I had previously done. In other words, all the “just for fun” classes resulted in becoming more centered and better able to see my next move with more clarity and confidence.


Taking a much needed, non-businesslike break from the stress of figuring out what the heck I was doing, I signed up for a couple of continuing education jewelry classes to appease the creative artist within. The result; I re-discovered I love creating with my hands and my mind actually shut up for a bit -it got out of my way!
Soon after, I began to research the anthropology of crystal healing and create my own crystal beaded bracelets for personal enhancement (yes, I am a hippie at heart). I even made a few pieces for family and friends. I consciously decided to use my crystal bracelets as a tool to empower myself to focus, align and balance my energies within and without, because quite frankly, I needed all the conscious healing intention I could muster to not give up.
The amazing thing that happened next , surprised me.
By doing something seemingly random, entirely spontaneous and totally irrelevant to my entrepreneurial studies, in that moment changed my life.
I realized that creating jewelry freed my mind to explore parts of my subconscious and inner worlds that I was not exploring previously because I was too caught up in my mind and my to-do lists. I was obsessing over countless ‘stuff’ business strategists and experts told me to do, read, see, attend, have, be, etc. etc. in relation to my business, career and life.
Making crystal jewelry brought me back to myself.
Now, I can’t imagine not making jewelry. I create when the feeling overtakes me, and if it doesn’t, I don’t worry about it.  I take breaks from creating and wait for inspired action to take hold of me again, organically and naturally, before I pick up my tools again.  I have discovered that beading and making jewelry allows me to actually feel my inner strength pulsing in the moment and that has changed me for good. I feel my creativity. It has a pulse.  And it’s not because anything I create is perfect & flawless, for my creations look artisan, hand-crafted and imperfect – kind of like me. But, now I am starting to understand my value, and this is translating into my business, which has nothing to do with jewelry.

The Beading Revelation

Beading revealed where I shine; in my natural skills (that have nothing to do with beading). It allowed me to see how I really feel when I’m engaged and excited in my work and my craft, and where & what I need to focus on at the moment to move to the next level.  I realized that all this time I was waiting for everything to be right, to be ready, to be rightfully prepared and then I could go “live & launch” because my practical ‘to-do’ list was checked off. I had done what everyone else said I should do.
Not the case.
Beading taught me that it’s okay to listen to my core and that I’m much better than I give myself credit for. Beading taught me how to let go of perfectionism and just create from my heart. Who cares if it’s not perfect? At least I created something that did not exist in that combination before.
At the end of the day, it’s more fun and less painful to allow my creativity free reign. Sometimes I create amazing combinations with my colorful beaded stones, but sometimes they are just ‘alright’ just like any other day in my life.  And then, I move on. There is always tomorrow.

The most important lesson, however, is this;

All you need to do (to figure out what move to make next), is to know the strategy (how to string the beads) and the game plan (how to tie up loose ends) to produce the ultimate outcome and result (make something new), and then just create and enjoy as you go. Just like making a unique combination for a new design.  You know what to do already. It’s in you.  All you have to do is live in your heart and release your mind from thinking.
Just do.
Just create.

4 Things to Remember to Move Forward Consciously:

  1. In the moment is where people shine. It’s safe there. You can create freely. This is your center.
  2. Whenever people seek you out, pay attention to what they are asking for – those are your skills, that’s your service and this is what you can offer for a fee if you want.
  3. Pay attention to all the things that energize & excite you, plus whatever it is that makes you want to do it RIGHT NOW! That’s what you should be pursuing.
  4. Sometimes doing something totally “unrelated” is divine intervention giving you yet another opportunity to learn & grow in order to uncover (with new perspective) what’s been right in front of you all along; the answer!
Beading made me realize that I want to write. That my website is just a glorified journal, no reason to fear. I can just be me. It also made me see that my copy is actually already written because I am a writer and that’s what I do.
Now, go out there and do something randomly creative and watch the magic (and your next business move) come to life!