10 Conscious Strategies to Kick Butt & Keep Moving Forward

Do need to conquer procrastination, inability to focus or chronic negative thinking?

No matter what your goals are or where you are on your self-improvement journey, here are 10 ways to remind yourself that you can do this; you can succeed!

  1. Choose your thoughts carefully. Your state of mind and ensuing emotions affect your reality. Practice and see for yourself. Spend one day not uttering negative words about yourself, your finances, your business or other people. Think good thoughts; “I can do this. It is possible. I am good enough”.


  1. Educate yourself. Learn from those who have gone before you. Apply the lessons of their lived wisdom and follow the obvious steps to experience the benefits too. Learn to seek and process productive information to inform your strategy and make a significant dent in your own goals.


  1. Focus and decide what you want. Change is instantaneous. We are more powerful than we believe. It only takes a second to get sick and likewise, it only takes a second to change your perspective. Choose just one thing to do now and laser beam your energy towards achieving it. Every goal was started by taking that one first step.


  1. Snap out of it through physical exertion. The key to the spiritual is through the physical and the key to the physical is through the spiritual. Shift your energy through bodily movement, through the power of sound, your voice, your perspiration, higher frequencies and positive vibrations. Sweating it out alters your mood and stale energy moves out of your system making way for dynamic vigour and a renewed spirit. From here, you can advance forward with a sense of vitality and inner strength.


  1. Cultivate the spiritual muscles of faith (for hope, positivity and sensing a light at the end of the tunnel), of courage (to be who you truly are, do what feels right and speak your truth), of perseverance (to keep going, not give up and face fear head on), and finally, of joy (to uplift your spirit and enjoy the  journey each moment at a time).


  1. Lead with your heart intuition first; your values, your feelings, the wisdom of your life lessons – all of these are guideposts to remind you of what matters most. Despite outside appearances and influences, these are the foundations from which your innate wisdom speaks to you. Listen to your intuition; its  been with you your whole life.


  1. Face your fears and demons head on. Do not deny your feelings or the things that haunt you. Give it a voice, acknowledge them and then let them go. You are stronger than you think. You are the present and the future belongs to those who live in the now.


  1. Use your mind consciously. Be you, be real, be authentic. Observe, breathe, relax and slow down. It’s safe to do so. Your mind is the tool not the driver. You are more than your mind, more than your emotions, more than your thoughts. You are the space in between and have the ability to choose your reactions and actions at any given moment. With awareness comes power. If you fall; get up. Rest if you need to, but keep going when you are ready. No more, no less.


  1. Ask for help with humility to open the doors to new possibilities, new lessons, new perspectives. From here magic does happen and you never know what blessings might come your way.


  1. Discover and master your innate skills. You have a unique purpose; a special song that only you can sing. Multidimensional talents that lie dormant await your discovery because there is only one you, and you were born for a reason.


There you have it.

Now go out there, wherever you may be, and kick distraction, discouragement and pessimism right in the face! You can do anything you decide you can, discipline your body to do what you say and find a way to keep moving forward because you’ve done it before and you will do it again!