5 Counter-Intuitive Things About Time You Need to Know

Time is your friend, not your enemy.

And yet, many people treat time as if it were an enemy to watch out for; a devious entity that either creeps upon you out of nowhere, sneaks away from you like a thief in the night, or steals precious moments that can never be recovered or taken back.

Time is not the enemy; perhaps your unrealistic, super demanding TO-DO LIST is!

Let’s face it; all of us at some point have had an active “to-do” list, “must do” list and even perhaps a “should do” list that has made us dread time itself.

These lists are filled with immediate tasks to be done today, or later this month or maybe even next year. We covet these overwhelming lists and they house our short or long-term goals. They remind us of ALL the things we need to do, want to do, know we should do or must do at some point in our lives, and yet the first excuse we give when these goals are not accomplished is “I just didn’t have enough time”.

How many occasions have you heard yourself saying “I’d like to do ‘X’ or incorporate ‘Y & Z’ into my schedule but I just don’t have the time”.

Why is that?

Oftentimes, we are afraid to “waste” time because we sense it ticking away and immediately begin to analyze which tasks to focus on right now and which to leave for another day. We justify ourselves by claiming priority to those tasks that need our immediate attention, while the others can wait.  Eventually, this breeds an inner feeling of anxiety that seeps into our psyche like dark and stormy clouds threatening to thunder and pour worry all over our lives.

Once again, a matter of “not enough time”, begins to creep into our subconscious mind where we find ourselves viewing time as if it were indeed an enemy, even if we’re not consciously aware we are doing so. We begin the repetitive cycle of beating ourselves up for not spending our time more productively.

I have been victim of this mentality before. Have you?

Changing the way you perceive time can impact your life dramatically in the simplest yet most profound ways.


To help you begin to change the way you perceive time (and become more peacefully productive), here are

5 Counter-Intuitive Things About Time that are worthy of mindful mention:

  1. Time is a cultural concept. It is relative; some ancient societies viewed time not as a linear progression of events but circular in nature in which the individual is at the centre, and the past, present and future are all interconnected in the current moment.  This ‘here and now’ approach views priorities as relevant only in the now;  what is meant to happen will happen and an individual should live in the eternal now knowing that each experience will make sense when it is supposed to. In western culture, time is linear and we describe it as a series of moments from one measured point to another measured point in reference to the past and future. Each approach is vastly different. How can you absorb wisdom from both? At the end of the day we experience time in the now. This is truly the only place we can be.


  1. Time instantly heals you and gives you perspective. Taking the time to reflect on how you spend your time may seem counterproductive because it appears to be taking minutes away from actually doing something on your list, but it is essential in slowing down your monkey mind. This creates just enough space to listen to what your innate wisdom, your inner self is trying to tell you about your situation, your relationships, your health, and anything else your higher self is calling out for you to notice about your time here on earth right now. With awareness comes power. With power comes change. With change comes results.


  1. Time only reveals itself to the conscious observer. It’s all about you. Self-assessment through journaling creates a conscious observer. By writing down our thoughts and feelings we can reflect on the fascinating world of our inner reflections as they change and evolve moment by moment. Taking a moment to admit what is happening inside us often brings the turmoil of what to do next to a peaceful end. Strangely, time seems to slow down and we feel more productive, and like magic, time becomes our friend again. We know what tasks to tackle on our to-do lists instinctively and with enthusiasm. We have become aware of ourselves in time.


  1. Time is silent and actually does nothing. When you are doubtful, do as time does; nothing at all. This instinctively feels counter-productive because it appears to be wasting time but like Yogananda once said about quieting the mind “learn to be actively calm now so you can be calmly active later”. Meditation does take time but with regular practice it will give you more quality time later as you become filled with clarity, calmness and an inner knowing  about what your next steps should be. Your time will be more meaningful and your actions more inspired.


  1. Being present actually takes time. Simply being aware of your breath, your heartbeat, your body as you exercise it or how it feels after eating a healthy meal – all of it takes time and can be felt in the present. When you feel overwhelmed about not having enough time, this is exactly the time to stop what you are doing and take time to be present by being consciously aware of your surroundings. Better yet, get outside and be amongst the trees or water or an open field. Taking the time to be present in nature now, will bless you with inspired action later. And once again, as if by magic your tasks will get done. Try it and see for yourself.


The next time you find yourself anxious with thoughts of “I don’t have enough time to do ‘x’ or ‘y’”, reflect upon your perception of time to help shift your thinking, and thus your actions, and become a new person in conscious thought.

Remember, time is your friend.

It has been with you your whole life. It is not going anywhere. It is your healing friend, your calm friend, your reliable friend. It will wait for you and it won’t leave you behind. It is here and there and everywhere.

As long as you are alive,  time is with you. You have it every moment you notice it.

Change your perception of it and time will be your friend indeed.